Word Cloud "Marketing Communications"IMACNET is the Information (IT), Marketing and Communications Network, provided to allow creative people around the world to connect online, in person or both. IMACNET welcomes people with the following skills:

  • advertising/public relations
  • art/media/graphic design
  • branding/name development
  • internet engineering
  • marketing/research
  • photography/illustration
  • sales/new business development
  • search engine optimization
  • content marketing and social media
  • software/programming/systems
  • video/tv/film/radio
  • web/HTML/info design
  • writing/editing/proofreading
  • just about any other skill in the broad field of marketing, communications, IT, design, media, Internet, code-writing, etc.

IMACNET welcomes people who are unemployed, underemployed, freelancers, work-at-home professionals, recent graduates, college students, mature professionals, retirees and other skilled individuals with opportunities to get profitable work in the broad field of marketing, communications and IT.

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